Friday, December 21, 2012

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Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
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Friday, December 14, 2012

warm winter greetings ---

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wow -- it has been a long time since i've written.  so sorry about that --- life has a way of throwing things in your path.

things have been busy - both around the craft table and i my personal life.

thanks so much to those who have stopped by!

i'll be back soon with lots of great ideas, and projects i've been working on -- promise!

for now -- sending you and yours warm winter wishes - merry christmas, happy hanukkah.  i'll see you all in the new year - if not before! :)

thanks for stopping by!

happy stamping!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Handmade Circle team is getting ready for Halloween ---

The Handmade Circle Team is getting ready for Halloween with some awesome sales in their shops for 2 weeks!

Click here for a list of all shops (over 40) offering discounts!
Shops are offering discounts from 5-30%

We all know that Halloween is all about the --- CANDY ;)

Did you know . . . 
  • Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween.
  • Chocolate is clearly the preferred choice of sweets for many. Of the $1.9 billion sold in Halloween candy each year, $1.2 billion was on chocolate candy and only $680 million on sugar candy. 
  •  The top selling candy: Candy Corn. Americans purchase over 20 million pounds of it a year, though it is unlikely that every last one of those millions of candies was actually consumed. 
  •  After the beloved Candy Corn, the leading best sellers are as follows: Snickers, Reese's, Kit Kat and M&M'S. 
    • from
So -- i asked my teammates: "What was your favorite candy or treat to get when you were younger? and What candy or treat do you love to hand out to trick or treaters?"
I loved to get popcorn balls when i was younger!  There were a few people in our neighborhood who made THE BEST i've ever had!  today --- we don't get any trick or treaters -- but I'd definitely had out chocolate! yummm ---

Stop by Serenity Lane Designs and use coupon code HMCSpooky for 10% off your purchase.

let's see what some of the others think ---

Jessica from The Prismatic Peacock says: 
When I was a kid I loved getting any kind of chocolate when we went trick-or-treating and eating tons of candy corn the whole month of October. Today I try to choose candy that I don't like to hand out to the trick-or-treaters so that I won't eat any!            
Ashley from BrennysBibbies says:
As a child I loved to get popcorn balls from one particular neighbor. I STILL don't know what her secret was but those were the best popcorn balls I have ever had. Today my weakness is candy and caramel apples. I'm a sucker for the old fashioned treats. Although we normally hand out an assortment of chocolates and suckers since that's what my own kids seem to enjoy most.                

Danielle from IntheSkyDesigns says: 

REESE'S! Still my favorite chocolatey candy. YUM. The husband and I like to get the big bags of good chocolate candy. Butterfinger, Snickers, M&M, Reese's, etc...
Lulu from DivineLuluCreations says:
My favorite Candy/Treat to get when I was a kid was... I'm going to have to say... When I was a kiddo we had a neighbor (who was also a trust family friend) or lived on the same street and usually we weren't allowed to take things that weren't wrapped but since we knew her it was deemed "safe". She used to bake cookies in the shapes of happy ghosts and since she knew I loved pink, she always saved me a pink one that said "Boo-day girl" because the day before is my bday. It made me feel special! My favorite candy to hand out is kitkats or reese cups...mostly because I like having them in the house to steal a few for myself!

 Michele of ChelestersCreations says:
Peanut butter cups! Mmmm. I still raid my kids candy for those. Carmels too, oh, and red licorice! We usually hand out mini chocolate candy bars, but always have to buy extra bags because we eat them ourselves. Then I end up buying suckers because we ate all the chocolate!

Jenni of  hannahmia01 says:
My favorite candy treat as a child - Peanut Butter Cups - yum!!!My favorite candy to hand out - It has actually been a while since I have handed out candy. We like to take our kids trick-or-treating. But I do remember we handed out Clark Bars after we got married (because it's my last name - I know, hilarious) :)                                    

Kate of PiecesofhomeMosaics says:
As a kid I loved Smarties! As a grown up I love Smarties! We always gave out mini Snickers, Milkyway & Smarties! Yum.. now I want Smarties! 

Jayne of TwiggyandOpal says:
As a child I loved getting ....anything! Seriously! Any candy was good candy to me. The more the better! I love handing out snickers, peanut butter cups and almond joy bars!                                        

Meagan of IndulgenceByMJ says: 
My favorite treat when I was younger: Popcorn balls. Loved them! My favorite treat to hand out...anything chocolate. :) Specifically almond joy bars, because then I get to snack on them too when they're in my house. 

Troy of camermaidjelery says:
When I was younger (and still!) I loved fun size Snickers bars and the candy corn! I would bite each layer of the candy corn until it was gone. I know they are pure sugar, but I still like them. Needless to say, I hand out fun size Snickers bars and candy corn to trick or treaters today. We don't get many, due to our location, so that means there are leftovers! 

Holly of HollyHomemadeGoddies says: 
My all time favorite candy, as a child and as an adult, is Candy Corn. I could eat an entire bag without any hesitation. My motto during Halloween is Candy Corns make everything better. Every year I send a request to Ben and Jerry's ice cream pleading with them to make a Candy Corn flavored ice cream. They haven't yet, but I am hoping one day, I will be walking past the ice cream in the grocery store and there will sit a yummy carton of Candy Corn Ice cream. :) 

Be sure to check out all of the shops (there is a link at the top of this post to take you to a complete  list of the shops with sales) -- lots of great sales and great items in all of them!

Here are some place to find out more about the Handmade Circle Team (click to go):

on facebook
on Etsy

thanks for stopping by!
happy stamping!

Friday, August 31, 2012

a special happy birthday --

it's my nephew's 6th birthday!  where does the time go?  he wanted a dinosaur birthday party this year.  i don't have any dinosaur stamps -- so, i went in search of a digi stamp.

i love the stamps at Bugaboo -- and i found the perfect dinosaur digi.  i don't use digis (digital stamps) that often - but i love them for situations like this.

this turned out so cute -- sorry the picture isn't that great.

it's hard to tell the size, but it fits in a legal size envelope.

i printed the digi out - measured where i wanted the fold, and scored it.  cut around the dinosaur with an x-acto knife, and used matching colored paper to cover the cut out section on the back of the card. (should have taken a pic -- sorry).

the dinosaur is colored with blender pens and Stampin' Up watercolor crayons.
the sentiment is a new SU stamp set called wacky sentiments.

i love how it turned out!  hope he loves it too ;)

thanks for stopping by!  be sure to stop by again soon!
happy stamping!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

jumping back in --

wow.  i didn't realize i haven't written in awhile.  sorry about that.

here's a project i've been working in on -- if your on my facebook page you might have already seen them.  a customer asked for 150 ladybug cupcake toppers for an engagement party -- a picnic theme.

here they all are -- 150 cute ladybug toppers.  cute, right?

but she had a dilemma.  the cupcake stand she was going to use for them didn't have enough room for the toppers on the shelves.  so, i came up with a solution - i stuck half on golf tee pegs --- so this way, they sat flatter, and up off of the frosting.  brilliant -- aren't i?  hehehe --- so half (with the gingham ribbon) stoop upright, and the other half laid flat.

these were simple enough to do -- all the pieces were punched with Stampin' Up punches.  the spots are stickles - glitter glue.

i hope they enjoyed their party -- did i forget to mention she needed them made and shipped to her within 6 days -- got them done, shipped overnight!  i aim to please! :)

thanks for stopping by!

sorry again for being so late in posting --
more coming soon!

happy stamping ---


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

last week of christmas in july --

it's the last week of the handmade circle's christmas in july sale at etsy!  there are still plenty of great things still available!  be sure to check out the shops!  CLICK HERE for a list of the 50+ great shops that are participating, and a video of some of the great items found in them.

everyone has a "christmas story" -- some are full of wonderful memories of family and friends, gingerbread and mistletoe -- others are sprinkled with disaster - tangled chirstmas lights, burnt cookies, and ugly christmas sweaters.  but -- they are all memories, cherished and laughable.

i recently asked some of my fellow teammates to share some of their christmas stories.  here is what some had to say as well as some of my favorite things from their shop.

joann of  ISewMuchTime shares:
Table Runner Roses, Paisley
Rose and Paisley Table Runner

 One of my favorite Christmas memories has to be when our two boys were young, now 29 and 32! To see the look on their faces when the came down the stairs to see all the presents left for them. We used to blow up real big balloons in bright colors and place them all over the presents and throughout the house. Their bright faces and the bright colors of the balloons made it all worthwhile. Enjoy your family; they grow up too quickly! Merry Christmas in July! God Bless!

Stained glass mosaicTeapot wall hanging
stained glass mosaic teapot

kate of  PiecesofhomeMosaics shares:

 My now hubby proposed to me on Christmas Eve. He had me open up my fluffy pink robe he got me. And unknown to me the ring was in the pocket! I didnt notice the ring in the pocket! He went and put on his suit. He came out, i got all flustered! He got down on one knee and he asked me to reach into the pocket of the robe! I found the ring and I was so surprised and dumbfounded! He was shaking and with a crackly voice he proposed! That was 25 years ago!

janet of  CreationsByJanetUSA shares:

Bracelet Inspirational "Serenity" Jewelry
inspirational bracelet
 When my children were young (now 38 & 41) I would hide their Christmas presents in an attic closet for weeks before Christmas because I was an early shopper. Only a few years ago I was told by my children that when they got home from school & I was still at work, they would look in the closet to see what new gifts had appeared!!! But they were always "surprised" on Christmas morning, so I never suspected that they knew about all their presents.

 andrea from EmbellishByAndrea shares:
This really could be made into a "Christmas Vacation" movie!! We call it the
Handmade Tissue Holder, Kleenex Holder, Breast Cancer Support, Tea Cup Fabric, Embellish By Andrea
tissue hold
"The Schlickbernd Christmas from Hell"

Let's just say it all started on Christmas Eve. NEVER fly on Christmas Eve or Day. The airlines are understaffed and only the low on totem pole work. We watched from our window views the jet bridge operator trying to back up to the door for over 30 min. (My husband was about to get up and do it himself). Finally the dude figured out how to turn just right so as to make the connection to the door. We were off.

Well, not exactly. Now, we are all lined up on the jet bridge and the door to the airport is locked. 10 min. or so later, the SAME jet bridge driver unlocks the door for us. Oh, and guess what?? Same guy had to go out and unpack the luggage.

Okay, so now we are finally off. Off to where you ask? Well now we fondly call it the 'sardine house'. You see, my husband's folks thought it a good idea to cram 16 people, one handicap and in a wheelchair, into a small, one level, three bedroom rental.

This was the sleeping lineup. In the main living room/kitchen combo, there were three sets of bunk beds all in a row and a couch that was a pullout. Sound cozy? The grandparents had their own room with a queen sized bed and private bathroom. There were two other rooms that had double beds in each, one with a bathroom and then a communal bathroom.

Right after we arrived, our 17 year old informed me that she was sick...stomach flue sick. Now, let's just say that this was not your typical 24 hour stomach bug. This was the full blown, shooting out both ends, 4-5 day nightmare that kept attacking one person at a time. YEP, only three toilets and a whole lot of people. Got the picture??

Now let's put the ages of our group out there, 5 to 67 and grandparents who get up at 5 AM and are a wee bit deaf so have no clue as to how much noise they are making. (Now remember where the bunk beds and pullout is located). Teens who stay up till 2 and sleep till noon...little ones who need to sleep early and get up early. You get the picture, it was an awful Christmas nightmare that just wouldn't end and we were stuck there for almost a week. You want to talk about cranky, irritable people!! Whoa!!

As Shakespeare said, "Comedy is tragedy plus time".

Ya, we can look back now and laugh but would we do it again??? Not on your life!

 jayne of TwiggyandOpal shares:

Business Card Holder, Fabric Card Case, Retro Business Card Holder
business card holder
 One of my favorite memories was when in was in 3rd grade. One night we were all sitting in the living room when all of the sudden we saw Santa! He was pitiful! It was one of my brothers who was dressed as a skinny, funky and young Santa. He knocked on the door, we opened it laughing all the way! One of the gifts he brought Grandma and Grandpa! They flew in to surprise us all! Boy, what a surprise it was! One of the many, many memories I have of a big family holiday

kimberly of  Madeforjake shares:

Girl silhouette on tire swing with cherry blossom tree - nursery or child room wall art print - 5x7 Personalized
silhouette wall art
My favorite Christmas memory is of all the celebrations with my grandpa (Pa). He was the most thoughtful and caring person I had ever met. He would bring homeless people home to have dinner with us. We had these huge celebrations with all of our family even distant relatives. He would invite people who had children and were having a tough Christmas. He even bought gifts for all of the kids. He truly was an angel.

dora of chumaka 

Turquoise, Chunky Pendant, Necklace
turquoise pendant
In my family we always open one gift on Christmas Eve. One year my niece who was 3 would not let her cousin who was 7 open a gift. Well the 7 year old went to open her gift and the 3 year old punched her in the stomach and ran... boy I LOVE my family

 Shannon of AMomentinParadise :

Made to order 6 ounce Hexagon Jar Hand Poured Candle
jar candles
There were six kids in my family and every Christmas morning my mom would make us line up on the stairs youngest to oldest and have our pics taken. Now that the kids are all grown it's rare for all of us to be together at once. There was finally a year we were all together again for Christmas, my mom got us all silly sweatshirts saying whether we were big or little sister or brother and had us all line up on the stairs for a pic. I think that was one of my mom's favorite Christmases :)

Amy of  Lucary shares:

Bear and Beehive Potholders/Trivets
One year my parents left to go Christmas shopping and I snuck a peek in the closet. When they asked me why I peeked, I said I didn't. But unbeknownst to me, they put a piece of tape on the door so when I opened it, it came unstuck and I never knew it was there! I was horrified and so upset!

 what great christmas memories and fun!  please stop by these shops and the others listed too --- grab some wonderful handmade items for your loved ones this holiday season!  shops are offering 10-35% off during the ENTIRE month of July! be sure to check out the link above for all the shops participating --- and check the shops banner area for announcments on thier sale and coupon.

don't forget to stop by Serenity Lane Designs. for some great christmas - or anytime items too!  and -- if you're looking for something special, let me know - - i LOVE to do custom orders!

thanks for stopping by!

happy stamping! :)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ahoy matey!

this is a fun birthday card for a little boy --- how cute is this!

when i went to the stamping show in allentown this past spring, i bought a package of these cards -- so, i cheated a little.  LOL -- like i've said before, i hate measuring, lol, and this was just easier.  you can check out thier website -- they have all kinds of cool stuff -- different folds and cuts, all ready for you - no measuring.  check it out here - THE PAPERCUT.  you may remember a side- stair step card i made last easter -- i got that from this place too :)

 the set i used is a stampin' up set - an old one called ahoy matey.  i colored it in with markers.

so cute!

thanks so much for stopping by!
hope you stop by again soon!

happy stamping!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Merry Christmas . . . in july ;)

hi everybody!

the temps may not feel like it, but it's Christmas!  Christmas in July that is!

i'm participating in the Handmade Circle's Christmas in July Event, and Christmas in July on Etsy.

what a great time to start your holiday shopping -- with a cold lemonade, and the AC blowing cool air. ;)

Handemade Circle's event will last all month, other shops on Etsy are doing a sale from July 12 - 22, and many others are having deals all month!

So -- how do i find all of the great deals?

Great question!

If you go to Etsy - in the search bar, type in: christmasinjuly, or CIJ, or HCCIJ and you'll get all kinds of great things!

In my shop Serenity Lane Designs i'm not only celebrating Christmas in July, but i'm celebrating my 1 year "etsy - versary" on July!  so -- you not only get a discount on any purchase, i'm also including a FREE GIFT!  Use coupon code HMCJULY10 for 10 % off your order.  Remember -- i love to do custom orders -- drop me a note - either on etsy, or by email :

to find some great deals from other Handmade Circle team members click the snowflake - you'll find deals from 10% to 35% off from more than 50 shops.  Be sure to check their shop announcement (at the top of the page - under the shop banner) for their sale info ---

here is a great video showing items from all of the great shops listed ---

have a great Christmas! :)  hehehe --- or should i say ho-ho-ho ;)

thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

in deepest sympathy ---

i seem to be making alot of sympathy cards lately -- and i tend to use the same stamp set each time -- HERE is an example --- so, i decided to try something different this time -- i love how these turned out.  i need 2 cards - 2 different families  had a loss within a few days of each other. 

this is an old stampin' up set -- i love it, i use it alot.  but what i like most about these cards is the coloring - it looks water-color like, but it's not - and it's so easy.   i used gamsol, and colored pencils.  gamsol - is a type of mineral spirits.  you add a little color - i usually outline the object, and then use paper stubs dipped in the gamsol, and rub the color from the pencils to achieve the look you want, adding more color if needed.

i like this technique because it doesn't leave the paper wet, or ball it up.  HERE is a link to a gamsol starter kit at amazon.

i also like the effect of cutting the picture and spacing it out a little -- almost a window effect.

love how these turned out.
thanks for stopping by -- hope you drop by again soon, more projects to come!

happy stamping ---


Friday, June 22, 2012

celebrating accomplishments --

my DH recently asked me to help him by making some cupcake toppers.  "sure", i say - "how many do you need?" 

"200 should cover it."  he says.  

o_0  ummm, ok.  LOL. and - he needed them within the week.

okie dokie -- lol.  so i set to work.    they were going to be for the school's awards ceremony -- and he was baking all of the cupcakes. 

the awards would cover the sports teams, as well as chorus, drama, and dance.

so -- we started with colors -- school colors are blue and gold.

i have an old stampin' up stamp set of sports things -- so that was covered.  i had a SU wheel with music notes -- check.  but the drama and dancing were a little trickier!  so -- i found some pics online and printed them out!

here they are -- all 200 !

i've done cupcake toppers before - granted, not this many, so i made them a little simpler.   i did not add a second scallop circle to cover the stick - and i would normally add some ribbon or something else to make it pop a little.  but -- for 200, i just left it as it. 

add some yummy cupcakes --- and the kids were all happy!

thanks for stopping by!
have a great day --- and happy stamping!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day . . .

sorry this is a little late in posting -- although it's still father's day - LOL.

here are the cards i made for my dad and my FIL this year.
both are handy -men.  :)

isn't it cute!  here is the list of "stuff" o used to make it - everything but the embossing folder is from Stampin' Up

papers ~~ lucky limeade, ballet blue, white
stamps ~~ power up, and nuts and bolt wheel
inks ~~ ballet blue, lucky limeade, versamark
embossing folder ~~ distressed stripes

here is how it went together --

first i rolled the nuts and bolts wheel on the front of the card - using versamark - and then ran the front though the cuttlebug and embossing folder.

you can see it a little closer up in the next picture.

i then stamped the tools, and punched them out with a 2 inch square bunch.  i then "cheated" a bit - lol, i hate to measure.  so i glued the tool pieces onto the opposite layer, and trimmed them down to size.

the 'happy father's day" i printed from teh computer - didn't have a stamp -- hmmm, that must mean it's time to go shopping ;)  hehe.

then it's just a matter of sticking them on the card front.

and that's it -  quick and easy, and so cute!

hope everyone had a great father's day  ---
stop back soon - lots more projects to check out! :)

happy stamping!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

a t-shirt kinda guy birthday --

hi!  thanks for stopping by!

my dad is a t-shirt and work clothes kinda guy.  this card i made for his birthday -- i love this stamp.  it's from too much fun rubber stamps - check them out - they have all kinds of cool stamps.

this is the t-shirt stamp - i've used it before, and you can see that card here.  you can also see another example of a stamp from this company in this post - actually dad's b-day card from last year - lol.

anyway --- here it is ---

isn't this fun!  i also used a set called celebrations from close to my heart  for the cake and words.  the inks are from stampin' up - marina blue and lucky limeade.  and a mustard colored marker for the flames on the candles.  i also used a dauber with a little of the blue ink to add some color to the t-shirt.

as you may have seen in some of the other posts - this stamp is all one piece that just needs to be cut out and folded.  so cute! 

they also have bags -- here is an example of a tote bag stamp they have.

thanks so much for stopping by.  hope you'll drop back in again soon!

in the meantime -- happy stamping! :)


Saturday, June 2, 2012

sweet 'n sassy anniversary --

when i went to the Allentown stamp show back in April - i bought a stamp set from Sweet 'n Sassy stamps -- i love it!  so cute!  here is an anniversary card i made using the set - called togetherness silhouettes. 

i used a polka dot embossing folder in my cuttlebug for the background of the card.   the ovals are cut out with nestabilities.  i stamped the umbrella on some designer paper and cut it out -- i also used some demensionals to pop it up a bit.  in the next picture you will also notice i used for crystal effects from stampin' up to put some "rain drops" on the umbrella.

i used the same designer paper behind a piece of vellum with the verse stamped on it.

i also added a little color around the larger oval with a dauber and some marina mist ink from stampin' up.

love this set!  you can follow the link above to check out this set and more.

thanks for stopping by!  hope to see you again soon!

happy stamping!


Monday, May 28, 2012

birthday wishes - -

ok -- back with some new cards - up today is a cute and easy birthday card.

how sweet is this ---
the card is a pre-cut tag card from Paper Cuts -- i picked them up when  went to the Allentown show in April.

i then used a piece of fun designer paper that i had from a stack i got in the craft store, and stamped it with the happy birthday greeting - i'm not sure "who" the stamp is by.

i finished it off my punching a hole t the top and attaching a matching ribbon.

a quick and great card.

hope you enjoyed it - and it gave you an idea :)

thanks for stopping by -- be sure to pop in again - more cards are o the way ---

happy stamping!


Monday, May 21, 2012

take the risk. . .

a couple of weeks ago i saw a post on the CNY etsy team page.  it was a call from ABC's The Chew - they were looking for crafters in NY to come and present their craft to Clinton Kelly.  at first, i questioned whether it was real or not, and then i debated about responding.

so -- on a whim, i sent in the email, the photos and all the other info they requested. i had to choose a craft to send - so, thinking that it's a cooking show, i would send in my coasters and trivets. i figured there would be so many others sending in stuff there would be no way they would consider me.

well, i sent that email on a thursday - by tuesday, maria,  a producer for the show was calling me.  initially she made the contact and told me she would get back to me in a few days with a definite answer.

well -- i hadn't heard in a few days, so i was basically chalking it up to "wow, that would have been so cool", when the phone rang.  it was maria.  "are you still available to come on thursday? " - it was tuesday.  "absolutely!" -- how could i pass that up!  "we absolutely love your project and you have a great personality, we can't wait to meet you in person."

so -- the scurry began.  we decided to go down wednesday night to avoid getting up at 3 or 4 am.  spent the night  across the river in NJ - said it would take 20 minutes to get from the hotle to the studio -- LOL, right!  anyone who has been to, or driven in the city knows you might be able to get 2 blocks in that amount of time at that time of the morning --- so we left with plenty of time to spare.  it took us over an hour and a half to get there.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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so we arrived at "the door" for the cast and crew, greeted by security.  the producer met us and we were brought into the studio to relax a bit while they finished up a "big meeting" in the green room.  i was struck by the size of the studio -- it looks a lot bigger on TV.

there were 3 other ladies there that day with their craft projects too.  after the producers gave us a run down on the days events, we were taken to the green room.

we had time to relax and get something to eat --- grilled pork chops that michael made in the morning's taping and carla made cupcakes with coconut frosting, and other various snacks.

they staged our projects - "beauty shots" they are called.  we got miked up, and it was off to rehersal to meet the hosts and run though the show.

then it was back to the green room for hair and make-up touch ups. and then hit the ground running -- off to live taping.


you can watch the entire episode at - it's the show that aired on 5/18.

besides all the other fun stuff -- i got to try carla's strawberry lemonade ice box cake -- YUM!  and mario batalli's stromboli -- om-goodness it was yummy!!!
after the taping i was whisked upstairs for an interview for online -- the hosts were mingling with the other guests - and on my way back down the stairs i realized i was right outside of the dressing rooms -- as i walked by michael symons' he wished me a safe trip back home and shook my hand again.  daphane oz waved a goodbye from her room.  down stairs carla hall had one last hug for me as i made my way back to the green room, where clinton kelly was hanging out with paul and the other guests and their families.

the experience was like no other!  unbelievable --- everyone from the producers, the hosts/cast, the sound guys, the prop people, hair and make up, etc - were all welcoming, kind and supportive.  the cast were just as fun off camera as they were on.  when we were finished with the segment they were all still playing with the stamps, and seemed truly interested in me and the project.  each of them spoke to me by name and checked in to see how i was.  crazy.  what a whirlwind.  a great opportunity, a wonderful experience.

so -- what did i learn from it all --- take the risk.  if i hadn't sent that email in on a whim, taken the risk - i never would have gotten the opportunity. i'm such a "behind the scenes, out of the spotlight" kinda gal -- this was so far outside of my element --- but wow!  it was so much fun -- and SOOO exciting! :)

i'm so glad i took the risk!

i hope you stop by again soon -- i have some cards that i'll be posting soon - so stop back soon to check them out!

thanks for stopping by -- and happy stamping! :)


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