Thursday, June 28, 2012

in deepest sympathy ---

i seem to be making alot of sympathy cards lately -- and i tend to use the same stamp set each time -- HERE is an example --- so, i decided to try something different this time -- i love how these turned out.  i need 2 cards - 2 different families  had a loss within a few days of each other. 

this is an old stampin' up set -- i love it, i use it alot.  but what i like most about these cards is the coloring - it looks water-color like, but it's not - and it's so easy.   i used gamsol, and colored pencils.  gamsol - is a type of mineral spirits.  you add a little color - i usually outline the object, and then use paper stubs dipped in the gamsol, and rub the color from the pencils to achieve the look you want, adding more color if needed.

i like this technique because it doesn't leave the paper wet, or ball it up.  HERE is a link to a gamsol starter kit at amazon.

i also like the effect of cutting the picture and spacing it out a little -- almost a window effect.

love how these turned out.
thanks for stopping by -- hope you drop by again soon, more projects to come!

happy stamping ---



  1. Diane, I just saw you on the Chew! Congrats! What a plug for SU!!!!
    So sorry you needed the sympathy cards, though! I need one today myself!

    1. hi LeAnne! thanks for stopping by! the chew was so much fun! :)
      sorry you need the sympathy card today too!


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