Friday, June 22, 2012

celebrating accomplishments --

my DH recently asked me to help him by making some cupcake toppers.  "sure", i say - "how many do you need?" 

"200 should cover it."  he says.  

o_0  ummm, ok.  LOL. and - he needed them within the week.

okie dokie -- lol.  so i set to work.    they were going to be for the school's awards ceremony -- and he was baking all of the cupcakes. 

the awards would cover the sports teams, as well as chorus, drama, and dance.

so -- we started with colors -- school colors are blue and gold.

i have an old stampin' up stamp set of sports things -- so that was covered.  i had a SU wheel with music notes -- check.  but the drama and dancing were a little trickier!  so -- i found some pics online and printed them out!

here they are -- all 200 !

i've done cupcake toppers before - granted, not this many, so i made them a little simpler.   i did not add a second scallop circle to cover the stick - and i would normally add some ribbon or something else to make it pop a little.  but -- for 200, i just left it as it. 

add some yummy cupcakes --- and the kids were all happy!

thanks for stopping by!
have a great day --- and happy stamping!



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