Sunday, August 26, 2012

jumping back in --

wow.  i didn't realize i haven't written in awhile.  sorry about that.

here's a project i've been working in on -- if your on my facebook page you might have already seen them.  a customer asked for 150 ladybug cupcake toppers for an engagement party -- a picnic theme.

here they all are -- 150 cute ladybug toppers.  cute, right?

but she had a dilemma.  the cupcake stand she was going to use for them didn't have enough room for the toppers on the shelves.  so, i came up with a solution - i stuck half on golf tee pegs --- so this way, they sat flatter, and up off of the frosting.  brilliant -- aren't i?  hehehe --- so half (with the gingham ribbon) stoop upright, and the other half laid flat.

these were simple enough to do -- all the pieces were punched with Stampin' Up punches.  the spots are stickles - glitter glue.

i hope they enjoyed their party -- did i forget to mention she needed them made and shipped to her within 6 days -- got them done, shipped overnight!  i aim to please! :)

thanks for stopping by!

sorry again for being so late in posting --
more coming soon!

happy stamping ---


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