Saturday, January 4, 2014

11 pipers piping . . .

the gift from your true love today is 11 pipers piping.  we are continuing the 12th-night party atmosphere.

the feasts during this time period were full of entertainment.  dancers, music, jugglers, etc.  the pipers here are believed to be bagpipers.  professional bagpipers were hired to preform during celebrations for music during dinner and for dancing later.

we associate the bagpipes with scottland, but they are also a common instrument in france too.  during this time bagpipe music was popular music for dancing.

the 11 pipers piping refer to the 11 apostles (not to be confused with the disciples) in the christian tradition.
  • andrew
  • james (son of zebedee)
  • john
  • philip
  • bartholomew
  • matthew
  • thomas
  • james (son of alphaeous)
  • thaddeus
  • simon
  • judas

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