Friday, December 27, 2013

3 french hens . . .

today is the 3rd day of christmas, your gift today is 3 french hens.

during the 18th century, large, exotic fowl were brought to england from the orient.  these birds mated with the fowl already there, and it is said that the new breed is the 'french hens" the song and tradition talk about.  white chickens are believed to bring good luck, and hens are said to symbolize motherly devotion.

in the christian aspect of the 12 days of christmas the three french hens symbolize the holy trinity - father, son, and holy spirit.  it is also said to symbolize faith, hope, and charity - the theological virtues.

by the way -- if you are showering your loved ones with these gifts this year -  it will cost $ $27,393 this year -- unless you repeat the gifts as the song suggests.

here is a 3rd day of christmas freebie for you - 12 days of christmas word search .  it's printable!  enjoy!  tune in tomorrow for 4 calling birds!

thanks for stopping by!  happy stamping --



  1. Hi I found you through the Sunday-Monday Blog Hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Happy New Year.

  2. thanks for stopping by! will definitely drop by to see you!


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