Friday, January 6, 2012

inspirational ---

i've posted about the coasters and trivets i've been stamping -- i love the look of the tumbled tiles, a rustic charm.

i've expanded the tile concept into magnets - i had a bunch of these in my etsy shop - and they have been moving very well.  each has a different inspirational quote (from various stamp sets from Stampin' Up)!

i love that no 2 of these will be the same - the cracks and holes and patches in the tile make each one unique.

these are easy enough to do --- the tiles i bought  a "sheet" of at lowe's, and unlike the coasters and trivets - these you can use whatever ink you like.  the coasters and trivets i use stazon because it doesn't run with the water and or heat placed on it.

you could also seal the tiles with modpodge if you wanted too since they don't need to be absorbent.  i just attached a heavy duty magnet to the back.

wouldn't these would make a great gift for a friend, or a party favor?

thanks for stopping by today!  hope to see you again soon!

happy stamping!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Work Together Team on Etsy. I never knew you could stamp so many different things.

  2. hey teammate! :) thanks for stopping by! i like to think i can stamp anything that doesn't move - LOL


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