Friday, December 9, 2011

a great site for great craft supply deals --

i was playing around on facebook, and an ad caught my attention -- i don't normally click on them, but i did this one.  wanted to share the site with you -- there are alot of great deals.  they change frequently so you 'll have to check them out --

it looks like it's a new site.  when i was checking it out - they have one of my newest obsessions on sale - stickles.  i love these things!  i'm normally against glitter and glue, but these things make it so quick and easy - with no mess.  anyway --- they are on sale there for $1.50 a bottle.  hmmm . . . may need to get some of those! :)

i'm also looking at some punches that are on sale - since i've been  hooked on them lately!

anyway -- check it out.

it's called Blitsy -

thanks for stopping by!
happy stamping! :)

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