Wednesday, October 19, 2011

glass pendants --

hey!  thanks for stopping by!

i have a fun project to share with you today!  i've seen them around alot, and i finally figured out how to make them --- glass pendants.  i sold a bunch of them over the weekend at the craft sale! 

these are just a few of the ones i did for the show -- sorry, the first one is a little blurry.

 i also added ball chains to them -- they are so fun!

what a great way to use up scrap papers, and a quick and easy way to make something to match an outfit!

i found a great website for buying the glass pieces, metal tags and chain : Sun and Moon Craft Kits

these would make a great gift!  so fun!  the possibilities are endless!

i'll be making more of these for my etsy shop!

thanks for stopping by!  happy stamping, and hope to see you soon!


  1. Hi Diane,
    just wanted to say I love the glass pendant idea..I was hoping you had a tutorial - I would love to add those to a card..and boy - they ARE at a great price...any tips you can send me on how you get your design and little tab? - thanks Karen

  2. hi karen -- thanks for stopping by! these are pretty easy! i'll drop you an note and axplain it --- i really should do more tutorials, huh?!


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