Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stamping on candles --

wow -- i really need to be better about posting things.  sorry about that ---

i have a fun project for you today -- stamping on candles!  and how to make your own rub-ons!

my husband paul works with HOBY (hugh o'brien youth) and he is traveling to chicago to take part in thier world leadershoip conference.  eachyear he takes a small gift to share with the other adult volunteers.  this years theme is "ignite your light" - so i came up with this cute idea -- stamped on a candle.  the candle is completely burnable.

here are the pictures - directions will be below.

have you ever stamped on a candle?  if not, your in for a treat - it's easy!

what you'll need:

a candle - any size and color will do
tissue paper - to match the candle
heat tool
oven mitt
old stockings/nylons

first stamp your design onto the tissue paper, use the markers to add color.  then you will want to trim around the design.  next, lay the design on the candle, and use the oven mitt to hold it in place - the heat tool will get pretty hot.  using the heat tool  - wave it over the image, be sure to get the edges - you will see the paper melt into the candle.  once it is all "melted" in, use the nylon stocking  to smooth over and buff the candle.

now --- i didn't have a stamp that i wanted to use for this project, so i created my own digi stamp, and created a rub-on.  i ran the digi stamp through the printer and printed it onto a transparency sheet (be sure if you are using words you print it out backwards).  be sure the ink doesn't dry too much, place it down on top of the paper (in this case tissue paper) and use a bone folder, or craft stick to rub it off -- like you would do for a rub on.  you can reuse the sheet -- just use a baby wipe to remove the leftover ink.

lots of fun things can be done ---

in the candles above i also used a little bit of stickles to add some sparkle to the candles -- it's hard to see in the photos.

hope you give it a try!

thanks for stopping by -- i'll post more soon! :)

happy stamping!

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