Thursday, May 5, 2011

dad's birthday --

i recently went to the heirloom rubber stamp and paper arts show in allentown, pa.  i bought this stamp - and i used it today to make a birthday card for my dad.  it's really cool!

here is what it looks like --
it comes from too much fun rubber stamps .  they have all kinds of fun stuff -- t-shirts, onsies, bags - lots of cool things (click on the name to go to their site - they also have lots of examples).  this is the dress shirt.  i also bought the pocket stamp, and be watching for a project i'll post soon using the tote bag.

here is my dad's birthday card - he does carpentry work, and wears a green work shirt all the time --so, this looks like his shirt - with a cute little pencil in his pocket!  i love this!

OMG!  right!  :)

here are some more pics of it - -open, and the back.  it was really easy to do.  the stamp does the work -- one BIG stamp -- and it was easy to cut it out.  i made buttons using a 1/8 punch, and the  pencil was used with the SU  slot punch.

this was the first time i used this stamp -- i'm hooked!  i love it!  might need to go shopping on the site and get some more!!!  i also bought the t-shirt one -- hmmmm. . . will have to play with that one too!

like i said, be watching for a project i'm working on using a tote bag stamp from this company.

have a great day !  thanks for stopping by!  happy stamping!


  1. what a neat stamp! I really like the card too!

  2. thanks peggy! it really is a cool stamp! wait til you see the tote bag -- i'll post it in a day or so --

  3. Love how you did this card! That stamp is very cool! Your father will love it! BTW, I just gave you an award! You will need to copy the award and post it if you wish. It's to help new bloggers get some recognition and views!

  4. awww -- thanks jill! i'll go get it now! thanks for stopping by and for the award! :)


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