Monday, May 28, 2012

birthday wishes - -

ok -- back with some new cards - up today is a cute and easy birthday card.

how sweet is this ---
the card is a pre-cut tag card from Paper Cuts -- i picked them up when  went to the Allentown show in April.

i then used a piece of fun designer paper that i had from a stack i got in the craft store, and stamped it with the happy birthday greeting - i'm not sure "who" the stamp is by.

i finished it off my punching a hole t the top and attaching a matching ribbon.

a quick and great card.

hope you enjoyed it - and it gave you an idea :)

thanks for stopping by -- be sure to pop in again - more cards are o the way ---

happy stamping!


Monday, May 21, 2012

take the risk. . .

a couple of weeks ago i saw a post on the CNY etsy team page.  it was a call from ABC's The Chew - they were looking for crafters in NY to come and present their craft to Clinton Kelly.  at first, i questioned whether it was real or not, and then i debated about responding.

so -- on a whim, i sent in the email, the photos and all the other info they requested. i had to choose a craft to send - so, thinking that it's a cooking show, i would send in my coasters and trivets. i figured there would be so many others sending in stuff there would be no way they would consider me.

well, i sent that email on a thursday - by tuesday, maria,  a producer for the show was calling me.  initially she made the contact and told me she would get back to me in a few days with a definite answer.

well -- i hadn't heard in a few days, so i was basically chalking it up to "wow, that would have been so cool", when the phone rang.  it was maria.  "are you still available to come on thursday? " - it was tuesday.  "absolutely!" -- how could i pass that up!  "we absolutely love your project and you have a great personality, we can't wait to meet you in person."

so -- the scurry began.  we decided to go down wednesday night to avoid getting up at 3 or 4 am.  spent the night  across the river in NJ - said it would take 20 minutes to get from the hotle to the studio -- LOL, right!  anyone who has been to, or driven in the city knows you might be able to get 2 blocks in that amount of time at that time of the morning --- so we left with plenty of time to spare.  it took us over an hour and a half to get there.

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so we arrived at "the door" for the cast and crew, greeted by security.  the producer met us and we were brought into the studio to relax a bit while they finished up a "big meeting" in the green room.  i was struck by the size of the studio -- it looks a lot bigger on TV.

there were 3 other ladies there that day with their craft projects too.  after the producers gave us a run down on the days events, we were taken to the green room.

we had time to relax and get something to eat --- grilled pork chops that michael made in the morning's taping and carla made cupcakes with coconut frosting, and other various snacks.

they staged our projects - "beauty shots" they are called.  we got miked up, and it was off to rehersal to meet the hosts and run though the show.

then it was back to the green room for hair and make-up touch ups. and then hit the ground running -- off to live taping.


you can watch the entire episode at - it's the show that aired on 5/18.

besides all the other fun stuff -- i got to try carla's strawberry lemonade ice box cake -- YUM!  and mario batalli's stromboli -- om-goodness it was yummy!!!
after the taping i was whisked upstairs for an interview for online -- the hosts were mingling with the other guests - and on my way back down the stairs i realized i was right outside of the dressing rooms -- as i walked by michael symons' he wished me a safe trip back home and shook my hand again.  daphane oz waved a goodbye from her room.  down stairs carla hall had one last hug for me as i made my way back to the green room, where clinton kelly was hanging out with paul and the other guests and their families.

the experience was like no other!  unbelievable --- everyone from the producers, the hosts/cast, the sound guys, the prop people, hair and make up, etc - were all welcoming, kind and supportive.  the cast were just as fun off camera as they were on.  when we were finished with the segment they were all still playing with the stamps, and seemed truly interested in me and the project.  each of them spoke to me by name and checked in to see how i was.  crazy.  what a whirlwind.  a great opportunity, a wonderful experience.

so -- what did i learn from it all --- take the risk.  if i hadn't sent that email in on a whim, taken the risk - i never would have gotten the opportunity. i'm such a "behind the scenes, out of the spotlight" kinda gal -- this was so far outside of my element --- but wow!  it was so much fun -- and SOOO exciting! :)

i'm so glad i took the risk!

i hope you stop by again soon -- i have some cards that i'll be posting soon - so stop back soon to check them out!

thanks for stopping by -- and happy stamping! :)


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