get your shop featured

there are SO many great shops - on etsy.  i'd like to showcase some of them here on my blog and my Facebook page.

The Sunday Spotlight -- 1 to 2 times a month i will feature a fellow etsy shop on my blog.

The First Friday Freebie  - the first friday of each month i do a giveaway on my blog and on my FB page.  you can sign up to offer an item of your choice, or store credit. 
if you're interested in having your shop featured in the SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT - please CLICK HERE  to get a copy of the request form.  when i receive your sheet i will check it over, and send you an email with the date you can expect to be featured.  i will also send you a reminder the day it goes live.  your shop will be featured for at least 2 weeks.

if your interested in taking part in the FIRST FRIDAY FREEBIE --  CLICK HERE.  i will send you an email to confirm that i received your request, and will let you know what month you will be featured.

looking forward to checking out some fellow etsy shops and seeing all the great stuff out there!


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